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Original High Seas TV productions

Logistics and Production Services

Corporate / Freelance

Aerials Filming                                                                                                                About Alen

After extensive travel through Europe and Africa in the mid '80's, Alen Milic, then 23, joined a 3 month camel caravan on a trek through the Sahara as camera assistant and PA on a German documentary featuring nomadic tribes of Africa. The experience laid the foundation for the future work, combining his two passions of travel and storytelling through the camera.  Alen's diverse body of work has allowed him to gain an immense cross section of experience while traveling to remote corners on 5 continents and producing programs for worldwide broadcast.


Today High Seas TV Inc. original productions are focused on factual programming and topics about travel, exploration of world cultures, adventure sports and stories about strong human spirit from around the globe.

Original High Seas TV productions

Alen Milic is the founder of High Seas TV Inc. and has been working as a Producer/D.P. in film and television for over 25 years.

Alen has a wide range of

experience in producing documentary, reality and travel projects for TV; news reporting from war zones and ENG camera work in harsh environments around the world.

As the owner and operator of Arctic Jungle Films and High Seas TV Inc., Alen has created, produced and filmed various TV programs that have been licensed to broadcasters worldwide (NGC, Discovery Intl., BBC, Travel UK, etc.).

Beside projects produced by High Seas TV Inc., Alen is involved in numerous projects as a freelance D.P.,
an Advisor or a Producer.

About Alen

Logistics and Production Services -

Based in Toronto, Canada, HIGHSEAS.TV Inc.  was founded in 1996 by Alen Milic.


Born in Croatia and working as a TV Producer and a DOP worldwide for over 25 years, Alen experienced often unique and complicated demands TV crews have when filming in foreign countries. With strong ties to production professionals in Croatia, Alen established in 2004 , as a link between international Production Managers and filming on locations in Croatia. As a Local Line Producer or Local Production Company we do Budget Consulting, Productions Development Cosulting, Location Scout, providing Fixers, arrangig Permits, Accommodation, Transportation... We do same production services in Slovenia and Balkan coutries of Bosnia, Motenegro and Macedonia.


In 2015 we expaded our operations and are now servicing locations in Canada, coast to coast.

Since 2004 we took care of production services for numerous international production houses and broadcasters filming in Croatia, like: Discovery Channel, Wall to Wall, NextFilm/Cineflix, BBC, The Travel Channel, National Geographics, Renegade 83, CTV, CBC, ZDF, and many more...



Filming from the sky is HighSeas.TV forte! 

We have a co-opeartion with camera-planes, choppers and drones operators worldwide and can create, arrange and coordinate the most demanding aerial filming anywhere in the world.


Alen is involved with flying since his very early age and has been filming aerials footage on 5 continents, years before

Go-Pro times, with cameras rigged the widest variety of flying machines.

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Alen works around the world on various project as a freelancer D.P., a Producer and Advisor.

For a list of projects, corporate and broadcast clients click down here.

Corporate / Freelance

Freelance Projects and Clients
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